Monday, October 4, 2010

Web Application Profiling - Google's Speed Tracer

This is another cartoon post ;) This time about the Speed Tracer, a Google Chrome plugin which allows you to identify the problems related to User Interface of your Web Application.

When you run this tool on some URL you'll see a list of events with their timing:

Each event on the list can be expanded to see its details:

Speed Tracer identifies also potential problems related to the events:

Second tab - named "Network (resources)" presents the network traffic including files required for processing the page (like CSS, or JavaScript)

Selecting specific resource views its details, potential problems are marked with the badges in the resource list on the left, and described in details

Speed Tracer can be also integrated with Spring Insight (see my post Web Application Profiling - Spring Insight)

Interested? Try it yourself :) - I believe it can be helpful for tracking down UI performance problems.

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